Welcome to #Engage 2.0: An Online Arts Festival!

#Engage2.0 An Online Arts Festival is organised by TRCL in collaboration with MOE and schools.

The 74 works in this festival spanning the genres of visual arts, dance and music were created by over 300 primary and secondary school students during the extended Circuit Breaker phase from 4th May to 2nd June 2020. The works here document the spirit of Singaporeans during this exceptional time as seen through the eyes of our children and youths.

About #Engage

#Engage aims to engage students who had been coming to school during this period as they may require regular face-to-face support, during the full Home-Based Learning. The first phase of #Engage which was held in the month of April saw a series of online training programmes in visual arts, theatre and dance and educational lifestyle activities.

The second phase, #Engage 2.0, took the form of putting together students’ works for this online arts festival. Featuring the efforts of more than 300 students from 19 primary and 14 secondary schools who came on board, all the works that you see here were created during a four-week period over eight sessions during the May school holidays. Some of the students had received some arts training in the first phase of #Engage, some had not and had no prior formal training in the arts. Regardless, we brought together everyone who was willing and interested, and gave them a goal to work towards.

The Process of Engagement

In the creative process, the students were required to work in small groups of five or less members. They were free to choose to work within any of the following art forms: visual arts (doodles, manga, caricature), dance (K-Pop and Hip-Hop) and vocals. For those who chose a performing art form, they were required to create a performance of between two and three minutes in length. Within their chosen art form, the students were free to choose from any of the three themes – Gratitude, Hope and Resilience – to base their work on. The trainers then workshopped with the students their final work. All the sessions were conducted through online channels in compliance with Circuit Breaker measures.

We have sought to obtain copyright permission wherever possible and we apologise if in some instances we have not been able to reach you. If you are a copyright owner and if we have not acknowledged you in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@therice.sg

SEA Holdings Limited

“Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in times of economic turbulence, and TRCL is doing vital work to ensure that vulnerable youths in our community continue to receive the support and opportunities they need to aid their development. We are honored to support this initiative.”

Mr. Martin Reidy,
Director of Communications of Sea Limited

Singapore based Sea Limited (NYSE: SE), a leading global consumer internet company which operates three core businesses across digital entertainment, e-commerce, and digital financial services, known as Garena, Shopee, and SeaMoney, respectively has also supported #Engage with a donation.

Jiangsu Association (Singapore)

Set up in 2016 by new immigrants from Jiangsu province of China, the Jiangsu Association (Singapore)’s key focuses include that contributing back to Singapore society, in addition to fostering closer ties between Jiangsu and Singapore through cultural, business, and education exchange programmes.

The Jiangsu Association, which founded the Alliance for Betterment of Community (ABC) with other 3 local clans and organized the Alliance for Betterment of Community Days to help raise funds for Singapore’s various charitable groups across races as well regularly volunteering at the Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home, donated SGD$58,050 to #Engage.


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JR Group

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