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Gratitude: a theme chosen to remind all of us, despite the challenging circumstances in which these works were created, to be thankful for all that we have. The works that you encounter show the vast range of things the students were grateful for : to be able to stay in contact with friends despite movement restriction, to be able to spend time with family, to be able to celebrate a festivity and for the front line

healthcare workers and essential services workers who worked towards ensuring a continuity in the way we live.  

The works indeed show the breadth and depth of how one can show gratitude : from simply showing thanks to being thankful whilst at the same time seeing the positive in all things and finally to be able to pay it forward.

Gratitude Gallery

This Gratitude Gallery features three rooms: eight pieces of doodles in the first room, four pieces of manga in the second, and five pieces of caricature in the last. The artworks address all the ways one can show and experience gratitude. These pieces were created by over 50 students from 16 schools.

Vocals: What A Wonderful World

Queensway Secondary School Vocals Group

Music: What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
About Queensway Secondary School Vocals Group: Alicia, Afirah, Evy, and Sarah

Queensway Secondary School Vocals Group

K-pop Dance :
Boy with Luv

SuperKids from Gan Eng Seng Primary School

Music: Boy with Luv by BTS
About SuperKids: Aaliy, Harmandeep, Nor Nasa’l, Yue Xia, and Zafirah

SuperKids is a dance group formed by 5 students and they want to dedicate this dance work to all the superheroes in their real life. The reason they choose the name ‘Superkids’ is because they like to help, respect and care about people. The core values of this team is to appreciate the superheroes in their lives and to learn from their examples to be someone that can inspire people someday.  This is a dance dedicated to show gratitude toward our real life superheroes! Especially during this pandemic period, Superkids would like to thank all the frontline workers, teachers, and many more that stay strong and keep on fighting to keep us safe and healthy!

Hip Hop Dance :
La La Latch

BGPS Boys Dance from Bedok Green Primary School

Music: La La Latch by Pentatonix
About BGPS Boys Dance: Arshish, Gideon, Hugo, Raiyan, Shazreen, and Zhi Xian

Bedok Green Primary Dance Boys is a group of six primary 6 students from different sport CCAs in their school. As this was their first time dancing together and individually, Zhi Xian shared: “I felt that this was a very challenging dance for all of us but we did it!”